Upcoming classes

The Meditation Incubator : Creative Mind Business Mind

Sept 8 – Nov 17 2015

New online course that is open to the community!

“Last semester I visualized having a gallery show, and got one after a lifetime of not having the know-how to get that done. This semester I visualized having a loving man in my life to live with, and that happened.  Both of these were things right in front of me, the visualization helped me solidify the desire, the meditation helped me reach out and grab what was right under my nose. So the most significant benefit has been breaking the walls I put up around me.” – Participant

To register for the Meditation Incubator, please fill out the registration form.  Registered participants are eligible to receive feedback on their assignments during the course and apply for the Certificate of Completion in Creative Mind Business Mind.


Awakening the Inner Entrepreneur and The Business of Fine Art and Photography

at Pratt Institute  – Brooklyn Campus and Manhattan Campus


Create Your Art Career : Practical Tools, Visualizations and Self-Assessment Exercises for Empowerment and Success

A 16 week, self-paced online video course with audio meditations and exercises

Coming soon….

Check out the new website createyourartcareer.org for more info


Meditation and Creative Visualization

Wednesday’s 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY


A Day of Healing and Meditation: a monthly gathering of creative people entering a spacious presence together. 

A warm gather in my living room – for artists and creative seekers of all mediums and faiths.

Email Rhonda (rhonda.schaller@gmail.com) to confirm dates and reserve your space.

10am – 2pm / lunch provided.

Location: Hoboken, NJ


Creative Mind Business Mind – The Use of Creative Visualization for Career Development

Pratt Institute, Center for Career & Professional Development – email for details




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