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The Meditation Incubator : Infinite Mind, Creative Mind, Business Mind

“Last semester I visualized having a gallery show, and got one after a lifetime of not having the know-how to get that done. This semester I visualized having a loving man in my life to live with, and that happened.  Both of these were things right in front of me, the visualization helped me solidify the desire, the meditation helped me reach out and grab what was right under my nose. So the most significant benefit has been breaking the walls I put up around me.” – Participant

Wondering what the Meditation Incubator is all about? This 2 minute video tells all !


and…. a new sangha/community/class is starting in early September 2018, both live and online. Open to both the Pratt community and anyone who is drawn to do the work…

It is so wonderful to meditate in a community. Whether you are local or abroad, across the nation or next door. Together we can shift our consciousness and help ourselves, our students, our families be present, evolve, find our center and happiness. Over 900 people have meditated with me in this program, it is such a wonder and awe inspiring process. In gratitude I share the link to register – simply click on the link below to sign up:


Feel free to download the meditations and career worksheets. They are free. If you would like to do the course, you can find the new registration form on the site as well.

Any questions, as always – just email me at rhonda.schaller@gmail.com

And I have a new body of artwork to share – drawing as I meditate. woo hoo!

You can see it on instagram @createmeditate

With gratitude,



Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Visualization drop in classes

Wednesday’s 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn campus

Friday’s 12 noon – 1:00 pm at Pratt Institute, Manhattan campus


Need more info? email Rhonda.schaller@gmail.com


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