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Quiet Breath meditation invokes calm

Here is a new breath – mindfulness meditation. Inspired from the beautiful book “The Miracle of Mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Han – enjoy. It is only 6 minutes long – a great way to start or enhance your practice. Quiet … Continue reading

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Is happiness different than success ?

Have stated teaching creative mind business mind as part of the Meditation Incubator project at Pratt Institute. We’ve been talking a lot about success. Success in life, in work, in finding a sense of meaning within. Is happiness connected to … Continue reading

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Community matters

We can talk all day about the etherial plane and the presence we constellate in breadth. But it is community. It is human. And should not be forgotten. I love the veils and visualize the mantra as I meditate. I … Continue reading

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So much to let go of

There is so much to let go of. Have you noticed ? Old karmic patterns causing distress. Just read the news. The world is in chaos. And we soldier on. War…. again? Are you kidding? Are we conscious or unconscious … Continue reading

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My book has been reviewed on PDN!

This is so nice, wanted to share it. My book has been reviewed in the Spring 2013 PDNedu magazine – here is a link: http://digitalmag.pdnedu.com/pdnedu/spring2013#pg19

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Website and Book has launched

Well, after 2 full years of writing and editing my new book “Create Your Art Career: Practical Tools, Visualizations and Self Assessment Exercises for Empowerment and Success” has launched. I’ve created a website for the book. It has the table of … Continue reading

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Imagination within time

Spending many hours looking at the sky. Time passes. Imagination flourishes. Translate onto the page. Nothing is there. Does it matter? Where is the mark. The first mark. The one that leads to wisdom? Ah, it’s inside. Consciousness grows. Awareness … Continue reading

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