So much to let go of

There is so much to let go of. Have you noticed ? Old karmic patterns causing distress. Just read the news. The world is in chaos. And we soldier on. War…. again? Are you kidding?

Are we conscious or unconscious . Is it personal or universal. Are we willing to share and help each other recognize that the shifting sands are a constant. They are. We are. Why?

Because. I don’t have a more indepth response. It is. I am a pisces moon, aries south node. And I question everything, and am tired from the shock of fighting so I reach for calm. Quiet. Don’t you?

Drifting. Why do we let / allow ourselves to drift into chaos? Is it overwhelm or apathy? I think it is the calm before the storm. I think it is necessary. Like Alice in Wonderland. Soon to be replaced by a joined resolve. Will you join?

So, the antidote. Community. Union. Tears. Meaning and purpose. Yes, meaning and purpose. I am an idealist. I Breathe. Honor Integrity. Treasure Authenticity. And perhaps, an allowance for consciousness, growth in myself mirrored in you. Permission to feel that our humanness is and is not real all at the same time. For me, that is the truth. Today.

And yet, eco systems require role models, change agents and mentors. Are you ready? I will try to be. Join me. Worthy of pondering….don’t you think?

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My book has been reviewed on PDN!

This is so nice, wanted to share it. My book has been reviewed in the Spring 2013 PDNedu magazine – here is a link:

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Website and Book has launched

Well, after 2 full years of writing and editing my new book “Create Your Art Career: Practical Tools, Visualizations and Self Assessment Exercises for Empowerment and Success” has launched.

I’ve created a website for the bookIt has the table of contents, and 2 brand new meditations to try, and in the reviews section – you can upload comments and images so we can form a community.

Please let me know what you think! And I will let you know when the big launch party is. Thanks to everyone for your love and support. I could not have written this book if you had not been open to my ideas.

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Imagination within time

Spending many hours looking at the sky. Time passes. Imagination flourishes. Translate onto the page. Nothing is there. Does it matter?

Where is the mark. The first mark. The one that leads to wisdom?

Ah, it’s inside. Consciousness grows. Awareness deepens. Sometimes it’s enough. The power of now is now. Whether is appears on the canvas or page or not. Because I am the imagination, the vibration my being communicates out into the ethers is a result of process.

Does it matter if the mandala is within me ? Or outside of me? It is both and neither. My human self needs it to be outside. My worthy guides who live in other realms do not care. As long as I help others, and remember it is not about me – all is good.

Imagination is good.  Within time.

Today’s meditation – tibetan channel breathing. Connecting to trance and all is as it should be, as always.

Enjoy the meditation: Click here to listen to the meditation

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Silence speaks

Waking in the morning with a head a full of ideas. Sometimes fragments, sometimes clear  actions to take, but busy. Busy and loud. Like to start the day in silence. Listen to what the rich silence has to say. Which in a way, is a funny thought. Because the silence takes the constant thought and breaks it down into a rich, thick pool. It speaks in texture and meaning. So the words disappear. Ah, so nice.

I find silence speaks the longed for language of the whole. So the ideas make more sense, ultimately. And in a way don’t really matter. So funny. How to explain? Ideas are like wayward children, easily distracted and distracting. They forget they are part of a whole. They. I. Same.

So, in the pool of silence, they marinate and dissolve into the rich textures of now and always. Dissolution of thought, so nice. And what is left is an indescribable feeling of larger than. Of each pore filled with life so when the ideas bubble up again, they speak through the silence.

And now they have direction and color, infused with purpose.

I love the silence in the morning. It lends a happiness of doing to the entire day.

Here is a meditation to enter the silence:

Rise and Fall of the Breath – a meditation

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Meditation and Chicken Soup

Sometimes all it takes is a “minyan.” A group of folks joined in spiritual intention to bring the spirit awareness to life in the heart and in the group. Sometimes all it takes is one. A solo spirit in concentrated awareness for intention to arise and thrive, so the spirit awareness to life and in life fills the heart and the home, and spreads throughout the community.

Sometimes all it takes is you.

Happy new year.

Join me on Sunday, January 20th for a day of Meditation, Visualization and Chicken soup.

email if interested:

Love. Harmony. Peace of mind. This I wish for all.

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Evolution of peace of mind

So many times when we start a meditation practice, we imagine that in 3 seconds or less we will have achieved our goals. Peace of mind. And it will last for ever.


Peace of mind is an evolutionary state of being. It is a mythic journey that begins in silence and is enriched by calm and tranquility. I tell my students and actually anyone who will listen, that the richness of being lies in the connection to a tranquil state of presence.

What does that mean? It means allowing the mind to quiet. But more than that. It means allowing the constant energy of life, the thoughts, the desires, the feelings to rise and be there – not buried. But also not all encompassing, so there is a space – a beautiful space in which we can observe the mind, observe the world and be both connected and not immersed.

This does not mean we close down, shut down, become cold. We simply enter that space of “ah, interesting” and observe, while we are in the act of observing, and are the subject through which all is observed. Don’t you love that? It must be my Pisces moon that loves the merge – but I do. It frees me. I hope it frees you.

So, to help you move towards that evolution here is a link to this months’ meditation on tranquility and insight. Enjoy. Pass it on. Share it freely. Questions? Ask away….

Tranquility and Insight Meditation : Click here

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