Contemplative Practices

So much to report! The new Meditation Incubator class is almost ready to launch – so excited. Putting the finishing touches on the site this month.  It’s 10 weeks with over 33 meditations and visualizations applied to deepening creativity and creating a life/career plan. Here is the course outline:

Course Outline – At a Glance   Meditation Incubator – Creative Mind Business Mind

Over the last year and a half I’ve received a total of 326 applications to participate and accepted 200 into the program I run at Pratt Institute.

Summary of our survey data for participants in the SP14, FA 14, SP15:

On average 91 % of participants continue to meditate and visualize after the class.

As a result of practicing meditation and visualization participants who attended each session and finished the course experienced:

100% feel less stressed

100% greater clarity of mind

100% feel more creative

100 % feel more directed in their career and job search

100% feel more able to set goals and take action steps

100% feel learning to meditate and visualize has been a valuable part of this course

This year I’m offering the online course to the public for the first time – from my living room to wordpress.  I’ve worked on it looking forward to sharing.

And this weekend I head up to Smith College for the Summer Session on Contemplative Pedagogy, August 27, 2015, with over 140 educators sponsored by The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE).


About Rhonda Schaller

I am an artist, gallerist (on sabbatical), writer, creative mentor and educator. I am the Director, Center of Career & Professional Development and Visiting Associate Professor at Pratt Institute. I am the author of Called or Not, Spirits are Present, Blue Pearl Press 2009, and Create Your Art Career, Allworth Press 2013. I sat on the board of Directors and Faculty of the New York Feminist Art Institute. I am the co-founder of the Ceres Gallery, NYC; founder of Schaller Jaquish Art Projects, NY, NJ; Director, Create Meditate and co-publisher of Blue Pearl Press along with my husband environmental studies professor and Vedic scholar Dave Jaquish. My artwork is in the permanent collections of the C.EVERETT KOOP INSTITUTE at Dartmouth University The Art of Healing Gallery; LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, Washington D.C. - EXIT ART, Reactions collection; MEMORIAL ART GALLERY UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER; MUSEUM OF MODERN ART- Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection, Mail Art collection, and the Alan B. Slifka Foundation.
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