Is happiness different than success ?

Have stated teaching creative mind business mind as part of the Meditation Incubator project at Pratt Institute. We’ve been talking a lot about success. Success in life, in work, in finding a sense of meaning within. Is happiness connected to success ? Are they the same, different ? Interesting question for so many of us, don’t you think.  Ultimately are they shades of the same color – can we really be a success on our own terms if we are not happy ? Can I be happy and not consider myself successful ? Whose definitions am I using to determine the answers ?

Success is so personal, happiness is so personal. For me it is being calm contented spacious. Successful – staying with what matters for me, purposeful living. Trying to tame the ego and quiet the mind at the same time is  a process that is success making. If that makes sense. I’d like to look at success as a process rather than an product or attainment. verb instead of noun?

And happy – ah…. a state of being. Happy is an aura that surrounds me, success a process within me ? Do I have them backward.. pondering. No clarity – but it doesn’t matter. Love the question, grow from the freedom of not being defined.


About Rhonda Schaller

I am an artist, gallerist (on sabbatical), writer, creative mentor and educator. I am the Director, Center of Career & Professional Development and Visiting Associate Professor at Pratt Institute. I am the author of Called or Not, Spirits are Present, Blue Pearl Press 2009, and Create Your Art Career, Allworth Press 2013. I sat on the board of Directors and Faculty of the New York Feminist Art Institute. I am the co-founder of the Ceres Gallery, NYC; founder of Schaller Jaquish Art Projects, NY, NJ; Director, Create Meditate and co-publisher of Blue Pearl Press along with my husband environmental studies professor and Vedic scholar Dave Jaquish. My artwork is in the permanent collections of the C.EVERETT KOOP INSTITUTE at Dartmouth University The Art of Healing Gallery; LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, Washington D.C. - EXIT ART, Reactions collection; MEMORIAL ART GALLERY UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER; MUSEUM OF MODERN ART- Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection, Mail Art collection, and the Alan B. Slifka Foundation.
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1 Response to Is happiness different than success ?

  1. Jennie says:

    Yes, it does make sense and I love your definitions! I’ve always felt pressure to measure my success and happiness based on other people, society and whatever “mold” you are supposed to fit into. I just recently started meditating and I have really enjoyed “The Healing Journey Within: Meditations for Abundance & Love.” After listening I feel so connected with my heart and I know deep within that I deserve and am worthy of love and I feel so much more connected to my definition of happiness and success. I highly recommend these meditations. You can check them out at or on amazon at:
    Shannon Rios (the gal who created these meditation cd’s) also has a new book on Self Love Strategies coming out soon! Can’t wait to read it and to come back and check out more on articles on your blog!

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