Invite the Goddess into your home

My dear friend and Astrologer Virginia Bell has written a beautiful November newsletter, that I wanted to share below.

“There is this about a chill November:
it makes one appreciate a fireside.
And there is this about a hearth:
it calls for small company, for companionship.” – Hal Borland (Borland Country)

Virginia Bell At this time we begin to look for inspiration and comfort, not in the outer world but inside the home and within ourselves. Since time began women have turned to the goddesses for inspiration. Persephone teaches us about the treasures that are buried in the dark nights; from Demeter we learn about the power of waiting and the importance of grief. This season is also made sacred by Vesta (the Greek Hestia); wise woman, goddess of the home and hearth, keeper of the eternal flame. In ancient times neither home nor temple were sanctified until Vesta blessed it with her presence. In Rome, Vesta’s priestesses were known as vestal virgins; sworn to celibacy, their duty was to tend the sacred fires. In pre-Hellenic Greece the women who tended the perpetual fires were known as virgins but were not chaste; they served as temple harlots yet they belonged to no man; they were whole and complete unto themselves. The Latin word for hearth is focus; Vesta/Hestia teaches us to focus on our inner life, make time for our creative projects and above all, be true to ourselves.

Today we often look to the media for our gods and goddesses; we find them in movie stars, athletes, even reality show celebrities. This fall and winter, invite the real goddesses into your home and heart. Create a place for Vesta; this is the perfect season to get to know her. It is she that inspires us to create a cherished haven apart from the world so we may protect and honor what we treasure; to spend time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, to infuse our daily lives with beauty and ritual, and to nurture our inner life. To learn more, read two classics: Asteroid Goddesses by astrologer Demetra George and Goddess in Everywoman (as well as Gods in Everyman), by Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen. We all carry certain archetypes within us; exploring them can take us on a rich and marvelous journey.

The Taurus Full Moon – November 10
Beaver Moon or Frosty Moon

Mysterious and magnetic Scorpio thrives on chaos; cozy Taurus seeks calm. Scorpio in not afraid to explore the dark and taboo; practical Taurus knows how to create comfort and security in the physical realm. Too much Scorpio intensity can wear us down; too much Taurus and we become overly attached to the material world. Like Persephone,  we need to navigate both realms.

“The eternal world and the mortal world are not parallel,
rather they are one.” – John O’Donohue

“I would rather be whole than good.” -Carl Jung

Scorpio is ruled by life-or-death Pluto; Taurus is governed by gentle Venus. Like Pluto and Persephone, who began as enemies and ended up soul mates, these opposite signs have more in common than we think. The Taurus/Scorpio axis suggests we need to find a way to love and embrace our dark side so that we can become whole. “The shadow is 90% pure gold.” –Carl Jung

Neptune, Ceres, and Chiron all end their retrograde phase within days of the Full Moon. This movement suggests that we too can move ahead on something. Ceres and Chiron are both currently in spiritual Pisces and Neptune will reenter Pisces on February 3, 2012. Chiron and Neptune will be traveling together in Pisces for seven years, hopefully bringing more unity, healing, and hope to the planet. The tension between eccentric Uranus in Aries and transformational Pluto in Capricorn is edgy and confrontational. Once Uranus turns direct on December 10 we are headed straight for the first exact square on June 24, 2012. We can no longer simply push our agenda and try to control the outcome; we need to include Pisces energy of kindness and caring. “One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand and show your soul. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes. In the coming months let us not forget to show our souls and lead from our hearts.

Sagittarius Solar (New Moon) Eclipse–November 24-25

A new moon is a new beginning; time to plant a seed, make a plan, or create a fresh start. An eclipse is a super powerful New Moon, adding a sense of urgency and drama. Eclipses are like wild cards; they throw in some unexpected element that can turn our life around and move us in a whole new direction. Eclipses bring life’s big events; births, deaths, marriages, divorce, new jobs, and big moves. We will all feel the energy of the eclipse but only those of you with a planet or angle on the degree of the eclipse (02 degrees of Sagittarius) will experience it in a life changing way.

The Sun and Moon as well as mind planet Mercury, lovely Venus, and the North Node are all in colorful Sagittarius, the sign of the gypsy, the pilgrim and the philosopher. The archer may not know the meaning of life, but he or she knows life has a meaning and is on a quest to find it. Ruled by expansive Jupiter this adventurous sign seeks new frontiers; intellectual, physical and spiritual. Look at where the New Moon falls in your chart; that is where you have an opportunity to break out of a mental rut, gain a new perspective, or release an old pattern. Remember to stay open and teachable. Don’t be afraid to challenge your thinking or embrace new ideas. We don’t grow by repeating the old. “I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” –Herman Hesse

Communication planet Mercury (in Sagittarius) goes retrograde hours before the New Moon. Sagittarius is the visionary; it sees the big picture and makes big plans but it can get sloppy about details and careless with speech. Words can wound so watch what you say, email, text, or tweet. Uranus is in red-hot Aries, which makes five planets in fire; that’s a lot of heat! Fire demands action, yet Mercury is moving retrograde. How to work with that?  Dream big but act slowly! This can be a highly creative and inspiring time, especially involving old projects and people from your past; just don’t launch anything. Explore, experiment, and enjoy the brainstorming, but wait until Mercury turns direct to see if a plan or idea has substance and is worth pursuing.

–       Virginia Bell

You can visit Virginia’s website: and at her new You may also sign up on the official Virginia Bell Astrology Facebook Page


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I am an artist, gallerist (on sabbatical), writer, creative mentor and educator. I am the Director, Center of Career & Professional Development and Visiting Associate Professor at Pratt Institute. I am the author of Called or Not, Spirits are Present, Blue Pearl Press 2009, and Create Your Art Career, Allworth Press 2013. I sat on the board of Directors and Faculty of the New York Feminist Art Institute. I am the co-founder of the Ceres Gallery, NYC; founder of Schaller Jaquish Art Projects, NY, NJ; Director, Create Meditate and co-publisher of Blue Pearl Press along with my husband environmental studies professor and Vedic scholar Dave Jaquish. My artwork is in the permanent collections of the C.EVERETT KOOP INSTITUTE at Dartmouth University The Art of Healing Gallery; LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, Washington D.C. - EXIT ART, Reactions collection; MEMORIAL ART GALLERY UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER; MUSEUM OF MODERN ART- Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection, Mail Art collection, and the Alan B. Slifka Foundation.
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